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Live Fearless

Be Brave. Take Risks. Shatter Comfort Zones. 

The Live Fearless Foundation

Let's be real, stepping outside of your comfort zone, taking on new experiences, and being fearless in embracing who you are is challenging...especially for students! The Live Fearless Foundation is here to help. Founded on the principal: Nothing Worth Having Comes From a Comfort Zone, The Live Fearless Foundation is dedicated to inspiring children and adults alike to be brave in pursuit of their dreams. 

Since it's launch in April of 2021, The Live Fearless Foundation has awarded thousands of dollars in scholarship funds in an effort to provide students with the monetary support they need to fearlessly pursue their dreams. 

As the founder of this 501(c)3 program, I am a firm believer that every student should have the opportunity to see their future as what it truly is: limitless. Visit to learn how you can get involved today!


Fiona the Fearless Fox

Meet Fiona, the world's most Fearless Fox!! Join her as she embarks on her journey empowering her forest friends to face their fears, take risks, and live fearlessly in pursuit of their dreams. 

Inspired by my own experience embracing life outside of my comfort zone as a person who stutters, Fiona the Fearless Fox was created to show children the importance of not only being brave, but encouraging their friends to do the same. 

Purchase the first book in the series on Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Google Books, Amazon, and anywhere books are sold. Stay tuned for Fiona's next adventure!

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