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Fiona the Fearless fox

Fiona the Fearless Fox is on a mission to empower her forest friends to step outside of their comfort zone in the fearless pursuit of their dreams, while also embracing the qualities that make her unique! The Fiona the Fearless Fox book series teaches the importance of kindness, bravery, teamwork, self-acceptance, and goal setting. Order your copy of Fiona the Fearless Fox and Fiona and Her Most Amazing Socks by clicking the icons below! All proceeds benefit The Live Fearless Foundation.


*Fiona the Fearless Fox is also available in Spanish* 

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Fiona the Fearless Fox

Join Fiona on her mission to empower her forest friends to live fearlessly in pursuit of their dreams!


Fiona and Her Most Amazing Socks

Fiona is back in a new adventure discovering how to fearlessly embrace her authenticity while empowering her friends to do the same!


Fiona La Zorra Intrépida

Purchase Fiona's adventures in Spanish! Translated by Dr. Donna Hodkinson.

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